IF YOU LIVED IN THE SHOALS just twenty years ago, you remember a very different era of healthcare in our area.

Back then, all but the most exotic medical procedures and treatments of the day could be performed right here, and relatively few patients had to suffer the ordeal of traveling to Huntsville, or Birmingham, or beyond for care.

In fact, many patients from northwest Alabama, southern Tennessee and northeast Mississippi made the Shoals their first choice for medical care.

Yet, today, nearly half of all patients from our area end up in a hospital somewhere else.

And, while our families and neighbors are there, they spend more than $2.5 million dollars each month that should be staying here in the Shoals, creating new, good-paying jobs for our people. Even worse, every day that passes means patients and their families suffer more of the stress and costs associated with an out-of-town hospital stay.


That’s why we’re ready to spend $250 million to do something about it.

We’re RegionalCare Hospital Partners. In the roughly one year since we began running ECM and Shoals Hospital, we have already earned a top rating for infection prevention from Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and brought 22 new doctors to the Shoals.

Along the way, we’ve learned something.

We’ve learned that the time is right to take healthcare in the Shoals back to the future—time to re-establish our area as a major medical center, just as it once was.

Over the next few weeks, we will share—in detail—our vision of how the Shoals can re-establish itself as a regional healthcare power.

All of which makes perfect sense, when you consider that top-quality, regional healthcare is what we do. It’s right there in our name.

And, with your help, that’s exactly what we will do to dramatically improve healthcare in our area.

So, join with us in helping the Shoals reclaim its rightful place as a regional medical destination. Let’s go back to the future of healthcare together.

In the days ahead, both here and in the TimesDaily, we’ll share more details about the many ways a strong regional hospital can bring more jobs, better healthcare and more than $1 billion in economic impact to the Shoals.

 More BENEFITS of a modern, regional hospital for the Shoals