OneShoals-Benefits-2013RECENTLY, WE BEGAN LAYING OUT A VISION of what a strong, new regional hospital can do for the Shoals. And how, by working together, we can make it happen without any tax increase whatsoever. Or any tax breaks from local governments.

This week, we’d like you to consider 9 major benefits to our area that the regional hospital we are proposing can provide.


1. CREATE 4,500+ new jobs in the first five years alone. An independent study by UNA economists also finds the proposed new hospital would boost local payrolls by more than $500 million across a wide range of industries. Click here for the report summary.

2. PROVIDE better access to quality healthcare for all of us, while doing even more to keep costs as low as possible.

In the roughly one year since RegionalCare Hospital Partners began running ECM and Shoals Hospital, we have already earned a top rating for infection prevention from Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and brought 22 new doctors to the Shoals.

But, with a new up-to-date hospital, plus the specialists and subspecialists it will attract, we can give families in the Shoals access to even more new areas of medicine and the kind of quality healthcare they deserve.

3. ATTRACT 70-75 additional new doctors, including more than a dozen primary care physicians, plus the specialists we need more of, like neurologists, orthopedists, endocrinologists and rheumatologists. These new doctors would provide the resources needed to create a new Heart Center, Stroke Center and Breast Cancer Center of Excellence.

4. IMPROVE the location of the main regional hospital for ambulance transport times and patient access.

5. HELP more of our families get the care they need close to home. Today, nearly half of all patients from our area end up in a hospital outside the Shoals. We think that’s a shame, and that’s why we’re ready to spend $250 million to do something about it.

6. ADD a remarkable $1 Billion to our economy in just the first five years—at the very time we most need it.

That’s an economic shot in the arm of historic proportions—one that means new opportunity and new revenue for small and medium-sized businesses throughout the area—without a penny in new taxes.

7. GENERATE $12.6 million in needed revenue to our cities and counties over just the next five years—without raising a penny of taxes from citizens.

8. ENSURE financial stability for the long-term for the hospital we rely on most.

9. SHOW, once again, that we are better when we work together. We’re already cooperating on economic development, and with the Shoals Chamber of Commerce — and it’s working. Now, the time has come to cooperate on providing the very best healthcare for our families and neighbors.

IF YOU AGREE that the time is now for us to pull together and re-establish the Shoals as a major medical center—just as it once was—then please join with us. Together we can create jobs, improve healthcare and reclaim our rightful place as a regional medical destination.


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