The health benefits of a new hospital? For starters, a healthier economy.

WHEN ALL IS SAID AND DONE, a region is only as healthy as its best and most up-to-date hospital.

That’s one reason every family in the Shoals will benefit from the modern, new 300-bed hospital we’re willing to invest $250 million to build.

We’re Regional Care Hospital Partners. We own and operate ECM and Shoals Hospital.

We could just build a hospital to replace the aging Eliza Coffee Memorial.

But because helping cities improve their healthcare while improving their economy is what we do everyday, we’re not stopping there.

In fact, We’re willing to spend $205 million to make the new hospital the best and most up-to-date healthcare facility possible.

That’s in keeping with our vision of the future of healthcare for Florence and the Shoals, in which both healthcare and the health of the economy are dramatically improved.

On the other hand, those who oppose our Certificates of Need — including those allied with Huntsville Hospital — have a very different plan. They would rather see the hospitals in the Shoals be a mere feeder for their hospital.

The new North Alabama Medical Center we’ve applied to build has much higher aspirations. It will:

  1. PROVIDE better access to quality healthcare for all of us, while doing even more to keep costs as low as possible.
  2. TAKE the quality of care to the next level. We’ve already earned a top rating for infection prevention from Blue Cross/Blue Shield and been recognized for service excellence under the J.D. Power and Associates Distinguished Hospital Program for 2011. But the new hospital will allow us to do so much more.
  3. ATTRACT a total of 70-75 new doctors, including more than a dozen primary care physicians, plus the specialists we need more of like cardiologists and neurosurgeons.
  4. HELP more of our families get the care they need close to home. Today, nearly half of all patients from our area end up in a hospital outside the Shoals. We think that’s a shame.
  5. SAVE Shoals families much of the $205 million spent each year in other cities due to out-of-town hospital stays. Not to mention the psychological costs of being so far from home.
  6. ALLOW for the creation of a new Breast Cancer Center of Excellence, as well as a new Heart Center and a Stroke Center.
  7. IMPROVE the location of the main regional hospital for ambulance transport times and patient access.


Because North Alabama Medical Center will also create 4500+ jobs and inject $1 billion into the local economy in the first five years alone.

All without a penny in taxes, or a dollar of debt.

And that sounds like a good prescription for a healthy economy.