Our prescription for a healthier economy? Let’s start with an injection of $1 billion.

IMAGINE AN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PROJECT for Florence and the Shoals so big it will create 4,500+ jobs in the first five years alone. And so powerful it will add $1 billion to our local economy in the same time.

The project you’re picturing isn’t some pie-in-the-sky idea, or a long-shot pitch for a new corporate headquarters.

It’s a modern, 300-bed regional hospital, right here in Lauderdale County, to be named North Alabama Medical Center. And we’re investing $205 million to see that it becomes a reality.

We’re Regional Care Hospital Partners. Every day we help the Shoals and other regional cities improve their healthcare — and their economy.

Soon, we hope to launch the largest economic development project in the modern history of the Shoals. Not since the construction of Wilson Dam have so many tangible economic benefits been poised to flow to the Shoals.

If our Certificates of Need are approved, North Alabama Medical Center will be built. And it will:

  1. CREATE 4,500+ new jobs over the next five years alone, with payrolls totaling more than $500 million in construction and a wide range of industries.
  2. ADD $1 billion to our economy over five years, just when we need it most.
  3. GENERATE $12.6 million in sorely needed revenue for our cities and counties over the first five years — without raising a penny of new taxes from anyone.
  4. SAVE Shoals families much of the $205 million we spend in other cities due to out-of-town hospital stays. Not to mention the anxiety of being so far from home.
  5. ATTRACT 70-75 new doctors, including primary care physicians and the specialists we need most — each of whom represents more jobs in support roles.
  6. ENSURE long-term financial stability for the hospital we rely on most.
  7. DEMONSTRATE our area is a vibrant, attractive place to raise a family or retire.

WHY, THEN, DO SOME – including those allied with Huntsville Hospital – oppose our Certificates of Need Applications? Because they have a different plan for the hospitals in the Shoals.

They want the hospitals in the Shoals to be a feeder for their hospital in Huntsville. Whereas we believe our area deserves the kind of hospital that can be a destination, like it once was.

That’s the healthier choice, for our families and our economy.