We Humbly Thank You

We’re grateful to the many community leaders who testified about the need for a modern, regional hospital in the Shoals.

And the outpouring of support from citizens.

Over the past three weeks you may have read in the TimesDaily about the hearing for our Certificate of Need for a new, modern regional 300 bed hospital to be called North Alabama Medical Center.

Most heartening to us has been the clear and certain testimony of a number of community leaders, local elected officials, and physicians.

Many of the leaders in our community have shared their views and vision of what a new regional hospital can mean not just for Florence, but for the Shoals and beyond. And, on TimesDaily.com, many citizens have publicly supported our CON application or commented favorably.

And, so, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your testimony, your comments and, most of all, your support.

It seems clear to us — and we believe to any truly objective observer — that if we are allowed to make good on our promise of building a new, 300-bed technologically advanced hospital and adjoining cancer center, many good things will follow.

In fact, it is no exaggeration to say the new hospital will be the best thing to happen to healthcare in the Shoals since Captain Coffee and his wife Camilla donated the money for a hospital to be named in memory of their daughter.

It will also be the biggest single economic development project our area has seen since Wilson Dam was built.

If our Certificate of Need is granted it will mean we can:

  • CREATE 4,500 new jobs for our community
  • ADD $1 Billion to the area economy in the first five years alone.
  • ENSURE long-term stability for the hospital our area relies on the most
  • REDUCE the $205 million Shoals families spend on to out-of-town hospital stays
  • SPARE hundreds of families the stress of being away from loved ones while they heal

Of course, others have a very different vision for healthcare in the Shoals. Without their persistent opposition, there would be no need to hold a hearing or call any witnesses.

But the simple truth is that those who oppose our Certificate of Need would rather see our hospitals become little more than glorified clinics.

Instead of a modern, regional hospital, they want us to be a mere feeder for their hospital in Huntsville, giving them a North Alabama monopoly.

We’ve heard from both leaders and citizens in our community, and we thank them for their support. Now, please let us hear from you.

IF YOU BELIEVE THE SHOALS DESERVES to have a new, regional hospital, add your voice to theirs.

Email: BetterTogether@OneShoals.com | Facebook.com/OneShoals | @OneShoals
Text “Better” to 99000 | 205 Marengo St., Florence, AL 35630-6033

With your help and support, we’ll make good on our biggest promise, to the benefit of every family in the Shoals.